Elite Remaps



All modern engines which are running a MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor to measure & monitor the air flow also run a backup system just in case the MAF fails called Alpha N.  Alpha N on its own  can be a very crude and unreliable form of throttle timing control which when used without MAF will lead to inaccurate fuel timing,  increased fuel consumption and emissions.  Using the maps within your ECU we are able to program and control the Alpha N system allowing your vehicle to run as well without the MAF sensor as it would with it in place.


Vehicles that have had major modifications and performance upgrades to the engine requiring much greater air flow than the MAF sensor can accurately measure will often need to work solely on Alpha N.  Elite Remaps can reprogram the ECU allowing it to work at optimal levels and turn off the MAF which will only be holding the vehicle back if the air flow readings are too high or beyond the range that your MAF can measure,  also if the MAF housing is restrictive in size for major conversions and needs replacing with a larger diameter housing then we can offer rescaling of the MAF calibration tables,  these are two options,  for all out maximum performance then we would recommend Alpha N,  for modified road cars we recommend firstly exploring the option of MAF rescaling due to the idle control which is not so great while running Apha N.


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