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Audi A4 B8 - 2008 > 2011 1.8 TFSI - 160hp

“Would certainly recommend had my audi a4 1.8tfsi done so much difference well pleased and doesn't do any worse on fuel when putting your foot down well worth the money and great service even the mrs wants hers doing now”

Dave Jennings - Leeds - 07/05/2014

Ford Transit - 2013 > (6th gen) 2.2 TDCi - 100hp

“I just wanted to thank you for the work performed on my Transit I was very disappointed with the performance from the factory with it only having 100hp when loaded it really did struggle but now performance is amazing and even fuel consumption seems better I would say approx. 40miles per tank more range. I will have it dyno'd if I get opportunity but have no doubt its making the 180hp quoted. Thanks again!”

Thomas Bennet - Liverpool - 07/05/2014

Land Rover Freelander 10/2003 - 01/2007 2.0 TD4 - 112hp

“I can't believe how much difference it has made in the performance and economy. Thank you Elite.”

Alex Bentley - Leeds - 07/05/2014

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